Block The Rain And Wind Not The View With Cafe Style Blinds

Auto-Guide Blinds

New Age Cafe Style Blinds

You still see the dirty mouldy old café clears with the dangerous rope & amp; pulley drive, that they still tie the three metres of dangerous hanging cord to a cleat screwed to a post. They have been around for years. Come on we all know them, probably still have them at that great outdoor outdoor eatery you love so much, they hang up untidily like part of the furniture unnoticed until the rain starts to blow in or the patio heater has joined them for the cooler months.

Auto-Guide Blinds

Get Your Cafe Style Blinds Motorised

Three years is the forecast before an across the board ban on all cords and most chains will blow through the industry at a rate of knots. This will directly impact on the type of blind and luckily we have the solution.
Because we know this and are already prepared by moving into economical fully motorized and automated products that will see mass adoption when these bans are really enforced.The whole industry will undergo mass change and the products that do not adapt will phase out of existence. By then the 5G Network which has been designed and is being specifically introduced to run all things automated, will be completely rolled out and motorised awnings and blinds will be the absolute norm.

Auto-Guide Blinds

Welcome To Thefuture Of Blinds

Well welcome to the future people, where we can offer you all this here and now and we can offer it to you at the right price. All our automated products are as per usual are best in class, middle of the road priced when we fit these new age clears to our fantastic Ezip, in-track, motorized and fully automated, blind system lets just say you will proudly display them in any home patio or outdoor eatery.User friendly and so affordable your control is either by remote, smart device or hub voice control, where your speech actually is the remote, how cool is that.
So now with the touch of a button or a voice command these automated blinds spring into action, quietly and effortlessly with our super powerful
green battery motors you only need to charge 2-3 times a year, and the Ezip system pulls them down secured into tracks, no gaps for the weather for the cold weather to get threogh and they are tight! Its like looking through glass and available in several tints.


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